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Introducing our bespoke tombstones, perfect for your spooky aesthetic! Personalize with whatever you'd like engraved on the tombstone, like names, dates, and epitaphs, and what font you'd like from our selection. And don't fret, each grave marker comes with its own set of mysterious cracks, because even in the afterlife, it's important to stand out.

Customize yours now and bring that personal touch to your haunt!

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  • XPS foam
  • External latex paint
  • Stainless steel yard stake


  • Standard - ~15" x ~23"

Care information

Our tombstones are built to withstand various weather conditions, but they should be handled with care. Just like the residents below, they are susceptible to damage from blunt force and sharp objects. Additionally, avoid placing excessive weight on top of them to prevent any harm to their exterior.

If you ever feel like giving them a good scrub, you can use some water and dish soap to get rid of any dirt that's making them look less than fabulous... but remember, they're supposed to look delightfully worn-out!

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Our lightweight tombstones are made from foam and exterior paint,
ensuring year after year of outdoor dread. Included is a small yard
stake allowing you to secure your tombstones in most weather (hurricanes
and tornadoes not tested).

After customization unique cracks will mysteriously appear in your
tombstone, and a preview will be sent to you giving an idea of the final
result (without weathering, shown here). Once you're happy with your tombstone, our
minions will get to work making it for you.